The Genova of the Palazzi dei Rolli

A wedding in the sumptuous residences of Genova’s nobles

These are unique settings that will make guests feel as if at the centre of a film set.

For five hundred years, walking along Genova’s Strada Nuova (now Via Garibaldi) has been an unforgettable experience. Today we can travel this road on foot, while in the last few centuries, people would go to Palazzo Tursi by carriage or on horseback.

Here you are surrounded by the most beautiful Renaissance palaces in all Italy, by the buildings that will form the perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding, with the taste and matchless beauty that only Italian masterpieces of 16th century art can convey.

A small square, exactly halfway down this cobbled street, lit by a warm natural light that reflects in the deep colours of the Palazzi dei Rolli all around it, invites the happy couple to enter Palazzo Tursi with its extraordinary gardens, stairways, princely rooms, and loggias. These are unique settings that will make guests feel as if at the centre of a film set, where they play the lead, together with the happy couple and the artistic backdrop.

Here you are surrounded by the most beautiful Renaissance palaces in all Italy

Surrounded by frescoes, statues, bas reliefs in marble, cloister vaults decorated with lunettes, the bride and groom can be joined together in matrimony, in a luxurious setting, where the elegant atmosphere will take them back to the height of the Italian Renaissance. This is the perfect location of Palazzo della Meridiana, where the couple and their guests can enjoy their wedding.

We are still in the 16th-century heart of the city, surrounded by its finely decorated palaces, built to convey opulence and wealth to Genova’s important visitors in the past. The happy couple and their guests can spend an extraordinary, unique stay in these locations, moments that only Genova can offer, in its Palazzi dei Rolli, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a unique example of a world gone by.


The places of this story


Crossing the extraordinary historic centre of the city, with its narrow streets, where the light is barely able to penetrate, you will arrive at the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena where, once over the threshold, the space expands outwards and upwards, towards the ideal location in which to hold an unforgettable religious ceremony.


Civil cerimony

Gold, marble, precious inlaid wood, and vaulted ceilings with stucco decorations and frescoes. This will be the setting for an extraordinary civil ceremony, in one of the city’s most beautiful, luxurious noble residences.



The Renaissance. This is the setting for a wedding in Genova with its Palazzi dei Rolli. This is the very setting that will be the background for images that will remain forever in the hearts and minds of the bride and groom and their guests, of those who experience the unforgettable occasion of getting married in the Genoese Renaissance.

Moments that only Genova can offer


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