“Genova, where you can enter through the roofs of the houses and leave by the steep, twisting labyrinths of roads, like in a wood, is my favourite muse. Every time I come out of the lift in the district of Castelletto, I look out in amazement, because I always see something new.” – Emanuele Luzzati

Is a living city, where elegant shops, historic shops, lively open-air market offer continual surprises to the most demanding tourist. Experience Genova is also discover the several souls that compose it.

The nineteeth century neighborhood, the fishermen and vacation villages in the East and in the West part, with houses and picturesque glimpses, and the ones in the hinterland, with their untouched traditions.

Genova, an emotion at the first sight

The stage images and the views, appreciated also as film set, are the frame for an intense cultural life: unique museums, great theatrical and musical tradition, important exhibitions and great international shows, such as Euroflora and International Boat Show.

The city of Aquarium offers a lot of activities to whom love the sea: equipped beaches, water sports.

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