Genova, its pirates and the Doge’s palace

A wedding in the city’s largest, most sumptuous residence

A smaller yet luxurious room, worthy of a royal coronation.

As you cross the threshold into the Doge’s Palace, in Genova’s main square, you will get the feeling of entering into the past, into a world where the opera Simon Boccanegra by Giuseppe Verdi will accompany us as if it were the soundtrack to our every movement.

Once past the grand colonnade, the sound of the traffic and the hubbub of everyday modern life, the rush and bustle we are so used to will be behind you and you will be able to surround yourself in a timeless atmosphere: a setting that is suspended in time, to take you back to the splendours of a city rightfully known as La Superba.

Simon Boccanegra was a pirate and perhaps it is for this very reason that he managed to become the first Doge of Genova in 1339. From that time, all of the rooms, the staircases, loggias, salon courtyards and every area inside the Doge’s Palace contain something of the event and of the pirate, which the happy couple and their guests will feel in the atmosphere, making their big day an even more memorable occasion

Surround yourself in a timeless atmosphere

Paintings, gilt pillars, Corinthian capitals and an extraordinary frescoed vault will provide the setting for the wedding ceremony, which will take place in the Sala del Minor Consiglio, a smaller yet luxurious room, worthy of a royal coronation.  To reach it, the couple and their guests will have to ascend the large monumental staircase, on the same steps trodden over the centuries by kings and queens from all over the world, as well as by modern heads of state.

But this extraordinary day will continue to astound the guests. The Doge will in fact continue to be with them virtually throughout the wedding banquet, which will be held in the grand Sala del Maggior Consiglio, in a setting of elegant statues and columns in coloured marble, decorations in pure gold leaf and crystal chandeliers. The unforgettable wedding celebrations will go on, into the night, down in the Mediaeval Cisterns.


The places of this story


A mystical setting overlooking the city’s main streets.  The unusual asymmetry of the church of Santo Stefano seems to have been created especially to add to the lavishness of your wedding. A long staircase leads up the altar, creating a kind of stone stage that everyone can admire during the wedding ceremony.


Civil cerimony

The Sala del Minor Consiglio is the ideal setting for a civil ceremony. Elegant, finely decorated and roomy but at the same time, intimate, permeated by an aesthetic that is truly extraordinary in all its parts.



The palace was frequented by all types of people from Genova: from the noble founders, to the pirates, the people, and foreign invaders. This is what has changed it and transformed it over the years, creating an incredible sequence of spaces and rooms that will provide the ideal backdrop for photos that will be as unusual as they are unforgettable.

…a setting of elegant statues and columns in coloured marble


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