An enchanted setting in Genova

A fairytale wedding

The enchanted village that will be the backdrop for their wedding.

The world’s most discerning film directors know it: there’s a tiny, unforgettable beach in the centre of an old fishing village in Genova.

Colourful houses packed together around the water; a small stone terrace overlooking the beach and cliffs that surround this minuscule piece of sea, with a narrow red brick path that leads down into the heart of this perfectly preserved gem. And it is along this path that the bride and groom will go down into the enchanted village that will be the backdrop for their wedding.

A Mediterranean sunset, with its bright, fiery reds, and the sun reflecting off the sea, leaving traces that gradually disappear, with the light blue sky that is the background for this marvellous setting where the happy couple will be joined in marriage.  The ceremony will take place in the centre of the village, on the beach of Boccadasse, which will be entirely reserved to them and to their wedding. Against a backdrop of coloured wooden boats, lovely brightly coloured houses in a variety of shapes, accompanied by the sounds of a world they will never forget.

A world they will never forget.

Bride, groom and guests will be at the heart of a scene that will seem created especially for them, but which in fact is even more precious because it is real, made of real things and real life, of the people, sounds and scents of the Mediterranean. Not artificial, but perfectly living, even now, in spite of seeming like a painting from days gone by.

After the ceremony, a beach walk, starting from Boccadasse, will take the party to Villa Chiossone, a masterpiece of Coppedè art, which will amaze guests with its elegant and at the same time, unconventional shapes, overlooking the Gulf of Genova. This will be the extraordinary setting for a banquet with the blue of the Mediterranean sea as its backdrop, a prelude to an unforgettable celebration, in the salons and on the terraces of the wonderful Villa Chiossone, directly overlooking the sea of Genova.


The places of this story


Just a few metres separate the Church of Sant’Antonio from the sea. Just a few dozen metres that allow you to enjoy the sound of the waves against the naves, creating a sound that remains in the hearts of those getting married in this wonderful church on the sea.


Civil cerimony

A small beach between the colourful, close-knit houses, in an order that only spontaneity can create. This old village is the ideal location for a civil ceremony that will remain in the minds of the couple and their guests forever.



A theatrical setting. This is what the old village of Boccadasse could be if it was not for the fact it is real, with people who live and work here, every day. And this perfectly preserved setting will be the perfect frame for a wonderful photo service that will fill the hearts of all those present with memories to last forever.

A banquet with the blue of the Mediterranean sea as its backdrop


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