A wonderful renaissance villa

Your wedding in the unforgettable historic setting of Genova

An enchanted atmosphere that permeates every room in this sumptuously, elegant and perfectly preserved home.

Getting married at Villa del Principe in Genova means getting married in a perfectly preserved renaissance setting that will be present at every moment of an unforgettable day.

Wonderfully decorated rooms with stucco work and frescoes; a large Italian-style park, which is still looked after by master gardeners; an enchanted atmosphere that permeates every room in this sumptuously, elegant and perfectly preserved home in the heart of Genova. These will form the backdrop to a wedding that will have all the flavour of history, of Italian wealth and nobility, the splendour of the Renaissance and a taste for art.

Prince Andrea Doria built this villa in 1529, to host emperors and nobles from all over Europe in a setting suited to the solemn nature of those occasions.

Those who marry at Villa del Principe today will breathe in the same atmosphere as then, completely immersed in the atmosphere of a world that has been forgotten, a world in which the focus continues to be on art and elegance, where attention to beauty and to the decoration of even the tiniest details is a way of life.

A day immersed completely in a Renaissance atmosphere

The ceremony will take place on the large terrace, a silent, peaceful area with extraordinary views over the park and the Gulf of Genova. The ceremony can also be held in one of the inside rooms, where the rich, sumptuous decorations create the perfect wedding setting.

At the end of the ceremony, a walk across the Loggia degli Eroi will take the guests into the banqueting room. Extraordinary rooms with evocative names such as Sala Aurea [Golden Room], the Salone dei Giganti [Hall of Giants], and the Sala di Paride [Paris’ Room] will make the happy couple and their guests the protagonists of an authentically special occasion, a day immersed completely in a Renaissance atmosphere.


The places of this story


The piazza of a noble family. The location that was home to the Doria family residence during the Middle Ages, to their city palaces, and a symbol of their power over Genova. In this space, there is an architectural masterpiece decorated in black and white. The church of San Matteo is the ideal setting for a wedding ceremony with a historic, traditional feel.


Civil cerimony

The sumptuous richness of the setting are a characteristic of the interiors at Villa del Principe. One of the extraordinary rooms, where the noble atmosphere in all its splendour is absolutely palpable, will be ideal for your civil ceremony.



A park with Italian-style gardens decorated with marble statues and elaborately carved balustrades, against a background of floral colonnades, and loggias leading into internal courtyards.  These are the areas available to you for your most beautiful memories, for the photographs that will commemorate your wedding.

Extraordinary views over the park and the Gulf of Genova


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