A Breathtaking View

Your wedding with an unbeatable view

The sea will be the protagonist of your wedding; its beauty will make the ceremony unforgettable.

Those who get married at Castello De Albertis with a civil ceremony, or choose a religious ceremony at the Santuario della Madonnetta, can make their wedding unique thanks to the sea before them.

Genoa has a unique characteristic: the mountainous terrain on which it is built is steep and very close to the sea. As a result, the buildings can only be daring, clinging and anchored to these mountains, which the inhabitants have had to conquer with effort over the centuries.

But this effort has always been rewarded by a special currency: an extraordinary view that this very morphological conformation allows. And it is precisely thanks to this unbeatable view that those who get married at Castello De Albertis can make their wedding unique. Because all the guests will be enchanted by such beauty, by the sensation that the sea is a constant protagonist in every glance, as it will always be the backdrop to every scene, and by the sound of the waves that, on stormy days, reaches all the way up here.

De Albertis Castle is a true castle: the battlements on the walls, the towers, the neo-Gothic windows, and the stone masonry make it unique.

Built at the end of the nineteenth century on the remains of sixteenth-century and medieval fortifications, Castello D’Albertis overlooks the city of Genoa, facing the port from the hill of Montegalletto.

The castle offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, providing various options depending on the season, with breathtaking views of the Port of Genoa and the entire city center. Parking is available.


The places of this story

The Sanctuary of Madonnetta

An extraordinary sanctuary on the hill of Castelletto, where you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the city, immersed in the silence, peace, and greenery of the Genoese hills. In the Church of the Madonnetta, you will celebrate a ceremony in complete peace, enjoying a space that brings guests closer to the couple and makes them feel part of a highly significant event.


Civil cerimony

The splendor and richness will characterize the civil ceremony inside Castello De Albertis. One of its extraordinary halls, where the noble atmosphere is still perceived in all its splendor, will be the ideal place for your civil ceremony.



You can choose where to have your photo shoot from a wide variety of locations: on the beautiful terraces of Castello De Albertis, in the gardens surrounding it, or in the parks of the Castelletto hill, which will provide an extraordinary backdrop for your memories of your most beautiful day.

An extraordinary view over the Gulf of Genoa


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