Getting married in Paradise

Your Wedding at Villa Pallavicini

The park of Villa Pallavicini is an escape from reality

The designer of the Villa in the 19th century wanted to create an Earthly Paradise. And he succeeded.

Whoever designed this place in the 19th century wanted to create an Earthly Paradise. They wanted to create a park that could replicate the environment that we imagine when we think of an enchanted place, a wonderful place, a true paradise. And they succeeded.

Walking through the park of Villa Pallavicini is an escape from reality, surrounding yourself with peace and beauty. In these gardens the splendour of nature that has been extraordinarily cared for enters your senses, making you happy. Lush plants, exotic trees, pristine meadows, ancient trunks, the largest camellia garden in Italy: these are just some of the elements that will create the backdrop for your wedding.

Surround yourself with peace and beauty

On the most important day of your life, you can choose to say “yes” between the Egyptian obelisk and the floral Sylph, or play with the scenic Temple of Flora, or the Arch of Triumph, or have the waters of Lago Grande as a background with its light effects.

At Villa Pallavicini, in this setting that is so unique that it earned the title of Italy’s most beautiful park in 2017, your wedding will be truly unforgettable. You will look back at the photographs with unique views, exceptional backgrounds and sensational colours and remember that your wedding was held in an Earthly Paradise.


The places of this story


Those who reach Pegli from the sea understand the importance of Santa Maria Immacolata Church. Its octagonal dome, which rises above the jagged line of the roofs of the buildings, indicates the destination, the natural place to go. Your wedding ceremony will be held under this dome and you will finally say “Yes”.


Civil ceremony

Immersed in an unforgettable setting, your civil ceremony can take place in the Temple of Flora in the garden of Eden, under the Arch of Triumph in the Viale Classico setting, or on the magical shores of Lago Grande, a heavenly paradise. Exclusive settings reserved for just the bride and groom and their guests.



Light, nature, flowers, trees, small temples, swings and a little boat that glides through the reflections of the buildings on the lake … the list of possible backdrops for your photographs just goes on and on. But only among the flowers of the Earthly Paradise you will discover the true beauty of this place.

Villa Pallavicini: Italy’s most beautiful park in 2017.


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